Welcome to the first edition of BLASTFEST. This is a newborn metalfestival that will find place in the west coast capital of Norway, Bergen. With a deep and rich tradition of metal, both as host of the infamous Hole In The Sky festival and the great newcomer Beyond The Gates Festival, it is also the hometown of many great and famous bands from the dearly beloved dark side of metal. The festival will be held in the darkest time of the year. Cold winds and snow will lay the perfect scene for the atmosphere we want to create.


Surrounded by the 7 famous mountains, the main venue USF Verftet is based right at the dock by the city fjord, and second venue Garage is in the heart of town. Bergen is the second biggest city in Norway and counts 250 000 habitants. With a rich cultural tradition along side the beautiful natur, Blastfest will also have a focus twards the town of Bergen and it´s history. We want you to see what the town really is. In cooperation with the Viking comunity and cultural institutions of Bergen we want to bring you a unique experience combining your pasion for metal music with nature, history and of course, the vikings. This may be an indoor festival, but that does not mean we can not use the whole city as our festival ground.